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Is there a way to reflash the EFI/ Bios on my iBook?

ibook G4 12" 1.07 GHZ A1054 EMC 1916Q

I have an ibook here that I have had for a few years (2) and got it for free. Ran great for a while till mid last year when it started giving me problems.

When I start the machine it will do its normal boot up until it just freezes. It will freeze in boot no matter what I do. SMC/PRAM reset, let the charge all the way down, completely charge and let discharge again, I am wondering if theres an arbitrary white list of hard drives for these machines but it has used the drive that is in it before.....

When I take the hard drive out, it will go just fine. Once in a while it will actually load with the drive inside but it just won't see it. Just now I reseated the connection but it doesn't appear to do anything.


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Replace the Hard Drive

Pre-Installed MacOS: X 10.3.3 (7G51) Maximum MacOS: X 10.5.8

Standard Storage: 30 GB HDD Std. Storage Speed: 4200 RPM

Ultra ATA/100

iBook G4 12" 800 MHz-1.2 GHz Hard Drive Replacement

Universal Drive Adapter

Imagen de Universal Drive Adapter


Universal Drive Adapter


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I have done this numerous times.

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Try the current internal drive hooked up externally and see if the problem persist. You'll either an external ATA enclosure or a Universal adapter.

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