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The Samsung NX2000 is a digital smart camera with a detachable external flash that was released in late 2013.

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I dropped my camera on the floor and it's "processing"

I dropped it on the floor and the camera isn't broken , the inner screen still works but the lens does not. The camera shows processing and even when I turn it off it's still processing...what does it mean? This has happened before when I dropped it once but it worked couple of weeks later. Please help explain!

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If you hear nothing when you shake the camera you are fine. Then turn it on with auto focus etc.. off and see if everything

is fine. Gradually use more auto functions on the camera while checking.

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there are many connectors inside this camera, i found that out when disassembled mine to fix a shutter that had mysteriously jammed into the 'full open' state. if the battery gets jostled enough (from a sharp drop) the electric contacts will break even for a fraction of time, that will disrupt the processor/internal memory as it is continually 'doing things' like status updates of all the parts inside. it may look like its not doing much, but it is.

try remove the battery for a good half hour, then replace and it should do a full reboot.

these are very advanced units, full of 'computer' stuff, very unlike the older film types that were mostly mechanical.

whats nice about these samsungs are the modular construction, extremely easy to do service on!

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