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A1418 / EMC 2833 / Finales de 2015 / 3.1 GHz Core i5 o Procesador Core i7 de 3.3GHz. Lanzado el 13 de octubre de 2015.

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The cord joining from the power button to the logic board cut

Dear iFixit community,

I was in the process of upgrading my (iMac 21.5" 4k) and whilst I was removing the speaker (for easier access to SATA cable) the cord joining from the power button to the logic board (which travels along the left speaker) cuted. I was not applying much force and am very surprised that it broke. This means I am now unable to power up my iMac. Is there anything I can do to replace this part or somehow rejoin the wire? Any information would be GREATLY APPRECIATED!! (Even if it is "there is nothing you can do")

Thanks very much!

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Please add some images so we can see what you do. Also which exact mode iMac do you have?

(Model number should be on the bottom of the stand.) Adding images to an existing answer

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If only a 2 wire cable was cut you can repair this the old fashion way: strip the wire at the end an redo the connection, if its to short ad some wire and be sure to isolate every wire at the joints.

Something like

Block Image

If you have a soldering iron just resolder the wires

Something like this

Block Image

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