A 10.1" touchscreen tablet released in 2014 by RCA Corporation.

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How do I do a Factory Reset

I get the Chipper/Nipper screen but when the next screen that says RCA comes up, it never goes any further.

This happened to me once before. I shelved it for a few weeks after trying to reset it. One day I decided to try it again & it worked perfectly. Until the next time I had that problem.

Any other suggestions on how to factory reset. I've factory reset 2-3 times already and still nothing.

Please help???

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You can reset your Android phone or tablet normally from its Settings screen. Tap the Backup & reset option on the latest

versions of Android or tap Privacy if you’re using Android 2.3. Tap the Factory data reset option and to through the reset of

the steps to confirm the factory reset.

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I can't get past the RCA logo to get to the settings. I held the power, up, down volume to factory reset....once I clicked to factory reset but it still won't go past RCA logo


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I can't get past the home page setting it ake for a password that me I tride the numbers I have down

but they don't let me get to my games

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need to do a factory reset need to do a password reset cannot get answer to this problem from gogle


problem in system


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