The Logitech UE Boom 2 is a waterproof, portable Bluetooth speaker known for its 360 degree sound. The Boom 2 comes in a multitude of vibrant colors and patterns.

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speaker says it's connected but my sound won't play through the speake

My speaker is fully charged, the name shows up in my iPhone, and it says it's connected. But when I go to play music or videos, the sound comes out of my iPhone. I checked 'devices available' on my Spotify app and the UE boom doesn't show up. I'm not sure what to do??

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I have this problem with my vodafone E8 turbo. Ive just bought the BY-1030 mini. Bluetooth speaker, its connected to the fone but no sound playing through.


Check in your notifications panel or Bluetooth settings to make sure the speaker is connected for "media audio".


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If you pull up at the bottom of your iPhone and swipe to the left there should be a "Now playing on (your device)" make sure that's switched over to the speaker.

If that doesn't work try pushing the play/pause button if the speaker while it's connected to the iPhone this has happened to work on multiple cases with Bluetooth speakers/headphones.

If all else fails go into settings and forget the device then restart both your phone and speaker. Reset the speaker by holding the minus button and power on for approx. 10 seconds.

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My phone was connecting to the speaker but no sound. I had my phone on Vibrate...turned my ringer on and fixed the problem.

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