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opposite XY coordination after digitizer replacement

I broke the tablet monitor and ordered digitizer+display on ebay. The seller made a mistake, so those parts were delivered separately. After I install it, I found the touch screen is totally inverted! It feels like the touch screen should turn 180 degree, but I can't do that because the connection is fix at right top.

There is one discussion about similar issue, but not solved yet.

(x axis inverted on digitizer after replacement)

I think the root cause is the model of digitizer is not match, but want to know if this can be fix by install the correct firmware or change the software setting?


  • the XY coordination on touch screen is opposite (rotate 180 degree) after digitizer replacement

What I have done:

  • factory reset
  • system update (Android 7.0)
  • developer options - didn't see option to calibration touch screen
  • can't find touch screen calibration app
  • can't find the product from the website of digitizer supplier

Device information:

  • ASUS ZenPad 10 (C300M)
  • Hardware information - Touch panel version: 2.2.AA-1.2-5e7f2e
  • Software information - Build number: NRD90M.WW_P00C-V5.3.6-20170412
  • Digitizer supplier: Atmel, MXT1666T2-C2U
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I have this problem too, broke lcd and after purchase from china lcd is working but my x axis now is y axis, and y axis is x axis (rotate 90 degrees), dont know what to do..

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same problem too, any news to solve it?

Regards, Renato

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I've managed to fix my brothers Android tablet... to a certain degree. I ended up doing two things, first rooting the tablet, and then edit as root the /system/build.prop file, looking for the line that says "ro.sf.hwrotation", in my case the value was 90, and changed it to 270, then save and reboot. Everything is upside down now, but if I lock the rotation the tablet's usable, now I'm looking to trick the sensors so it's 100% usable.

This solution kinda takes the screen backward to align with the digitizer, but the sensors kinda break some non optimized apps

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Well, first check your cable connecting to the PCB, then make sure you haven’t oriented the screen wrong lol… Yes, thats possible if the screen rotates with the way you are holding it

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