Asus' mid-range 5" Android smartphone, released in April 2014.

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USB not recognize to debrick.

i dont know why my USB on zenfone 5 not recognize. Before this, its fine and work properly. My phone brick last month and i fix it. That time my USB(phone) work properly and i can install new sofware but this time. my phone software crash again and i want to debrick again but its fail because of the USB not recognize. I have install all driver needed but still face same problem. My phone can enter bootloader but it show cache problem. I use xFTK downloader to repair my fastboot and recovery. But because of the USB not recognize. I cant repair my fastboot and cant enter cloverview.

anyone can help my problem.? is my USB port damaged or something i need to do.?


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It has been pretty long time from you posted the question, so, I think your this problem right now doesn't exist.

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