Why does my phone shut off randomly.

My phone keeps turning off randomly and wont turn back on, every time i reboot it it just shuts off until I plug it into a charging port. I know the battery is not dead so I don't what the problem is. I did a factory reset and It didn't work either. I have not changed or installed anything with the phone. It is a Galaxy s6 edge, I got it in December 2015 and it was working fine until last week.

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My phone also does this. Recently my phone has turned off and has not turned back on for a while. It usually takes about an hour for it to turn back on. I have tried everything that I could. I have plugged it in, unplugged it if it were plugged in, taken out the battery, and tried to turn it back on but nothing helps. Even while it is off it will start to vibrate. I have no idea what is wrong and could use some answers. Although this is not a new phone and I do not know if that is the problem. If anyone could give me answers that would be a big help. Anything helps thank you.

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