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Gopro Hero 4 Black shutter and side "tool" buttons don't work

I recently replaced the lens on my GoPro Hero 4 Black and after reassembly the shutter and "tools" button longer work. I suspect that I haven't reconnected the wiring to the motherboard correctly. After the first time I put it together the power button worked but not the red shutter/scroll button .Any suggestions? This is a work camera and this is kind of a grave situation for me. If there are any people out there knowledgeable with tears downs and reassembly that could communicate with me I'd greatly appreciate it. Thanks in advance.


I took it apart again and reconnected the 3 black wire clip to the MB and also the gold ribbon strip as well as the ZIF ribbon cable with the black tape. The camera turns on and off now and shows images from my drone, and I can even activate record form my drone controller, but the record/shutter button and "tools" button on the side still don't do anything when I push them manually.

I suspect the problem is specifically with the gold ribbon strip and possibly the ZIF ribbon which I'm not sure I have locked in correctly. On the gold ribbon strip I'm unsure how it is supposed to connect to the MB. Does anyone know which wiring is responsible for the connection to the shutter button and the tools button so I can at least narrow it down to which connection isn't making the contact it should?

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Ask GoPro for a replacement/refund/repair if it is still under warranty

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Thank you for your response, but I entered this repair site because I was looking for an answer from someone who knows the inside of a Hero 4. Those options aren't available to me because the GoPro dealer here in Peru doesn't honer the warranty as in the States and also I think any warranty would already be voided as I have already opened up the camera.

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