Model A1297 Unibody: Early 2009, Mid 2009, Mid 2010, Early 2011 & Late 2011

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Power cuts out mid-boot (not battery issue)


I believe this question has been asked before but I don't think a concrete fix was ever established due to the difficulty in isolating the problem in everyone's machines.

To describe the problem - when I press the power button, it will begin the boot up sequence with chime to grey screen, then apple logo, then the power will cut out.

This will occur with several attempts (3-5 or more attempts), until suddenly it will fully boot and operate.

The issue occurs whether running on battery or AC power, though it "feels" like it achieves full boot more often when AC power is connected. Though I've recently replaced my battery.

Some potential issues I've read include - logic board requires replacement, melted heat sink wire causing a short, dead ram risers, heat paste needing replacement.

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What year is this MacBook? If it's the 2011 model I'm assuming bad graphics chip issue.

Not sure if it could be the bad tantalum capacitor issue.


Early 2009 MBP 17"


From further reading I would guess that extreme heat due to Australian summers and poor ventilation have caused weakened or cracked solder - and the fact that it can boot after several attempts means some joints get "warmed up" and bridge again


What operating system are you running? What's the history of this machine? This model is NOT know for GPU issues. At what point is the progress bar when it fails? Please download and run Coconut battery and tell us your results:


I guess since here it's getting hot as !&&*, downunder is getting chilly, right ? Maybe a shorted component needs heated to start properly..a capacitor ?


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Like @benjamen50 said, this is most probably due to a failing GPU.

You can try to boot with your hard drive connected to a USB port (using an enclosure) and also using another bootable system just to make sure you don't have system and drive issues.

If it is indeed a GPU issue, the chip needs to be replaced but in my personal opinion the fix is not permanent: all the replacement chips are refurbished junk that will fail as well. Trying to bake it or reflow it or reball it is temporary was well. Still just my opinion, as some people are claiming good success with reflows. But may be it is just that people aren't coming back to claim warranty.

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@rany A possibility, but seems to be a premature diagnosis. Let's see if we can look deeper.


You are right @mayer.

Though I assumed - I donno why - that it is a 2011 machine.


@rany as to why, well, it would have enforced your GPU postulation.


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