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La soldadura es un método para conectar dos piezas de metal entre sí mediante la fusión de otro metal de relleno entre ellas. Existen muchos tipos de soldadura, pero este artículo está diseñado para enseñarle los conceptos básicos de la soldadura eléctrica.

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I want to buy a soldering station, but I don't know if this will be a

So I want to get into microsoldering, just basic things.

Long story short, will this soldering station be fine?

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It looks like a decent quality soldering station (I haven't used one though, just going on appearances). However, you will not be able to do a lot of micro-soldering with this setup as the tips are just too big. It will be fine for "soldering" through hole components.

Fo "micro-soldering", you need smaller tips or preferably micro-tweezers so that you can heat both sides of the smaller SMD components. You could look at the QUICK236ESD which has a nice range of tips.

Another option to consider is a hot air station. That will also allow you to do SMD passives as well as micro-BGA. The Quick 861DW station is well rated.

Of course, you could get the higher-end and higher cost professional stations like Hakko, JBC, PACE etc but the Quick products tend to be well rated and not too costly.

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So is this for Europe too? I live in the Netherlands and I can't ship everything.

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You'll have to look at the Quick website to see who distributes their products in Europe. Aliexpress also sells these as well.

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Thank you very much!

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For basic soldering. That would be perfect. Even soldering smd, is still possible. If your talking about soldering really tiny things, then you might want something different, but for basic jobs and basic things, its fine.

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Thank you for the advise, I will keep that in mind when making my purchase.

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