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The Roku 3 (Model: 4200) is a third generation streaming device released on March 5, 2013. Connect to any television or video display with correct input connections to stream available content.

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AFTER accessing my Wi-Fi, my Roku 3 can't find "MY NETWORK".

My Roku 3 worked great for a couple months, but eventually it "froze up", so I had to power-down and restart it. Now, when it starts up, the first thing it does is search for my home Wi-Fi ....WHICH IT FINDS AND CONNECTS WITH.

BUT THEN it starts searching for "my home network"....which I can't understand, because:

(1) it never did this step in the past, and

(2) if it is already connected to my Wi-Fi, then it ALREADY IS connected to my home network.... ISN'T IT ??

In any event, after searching for "my home network" for a bit, I am told that "it can't find it", and the whole start-up fails, and I just have to repeat the steps I just described .... and I obtain the same exact unsatisfactory result.

I just keep "going in circles".

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Your home network and wifi are separate. Ethernet is preferable to wifi. Do you have a CAT5/5E/6 cable? If you can, use it. If it's connected to home wifi, that means it's connected to the router with a wifi signal. Your home network is what all devices connect to and share data with. Try restarting your Roku again, this time using the option in settings. If that doesn't fix it, a factory reset should. Hope this helps!

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