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An affordable Windows phone by Nokia, released April 2013.

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Touch Screen only working for certain things

My Nokia 520 is working fine, but last night it dropped from my bed the the floor and then when I restarted it and got onto it, my touch screen is lagging in some places and when i go to type o the internet or though text message, it wont type certain letters like h,b,c,i and something its just really laggy and I have rebooted it twice, will a factory reset fix this? and do i need to take my SIM card out before (hard) factory reset?

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Hi Jessica,

How far was the fall to the ground? It sounds like the screen might have gotten damaged, I don't think a factory reset will fix this issue but I might be wrong as well, technology can be insane sometimes, for a hard reset you don't normally have to remove the sim card, but to be safe remove it, I have heard of stories where people lost all their contacts that was saved on the sim when they did a factory reset.

Let me know if you came right


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