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The LG X Power is a 4G LTE smart phone that was released on August 2016. This model has a 16 GB memory with an Android operating system.

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My touchscreen not working

I had my phone in my pants pocket and it had a case on it and it rained a little bit got my pocket wet a tiny bit and after I went on lunch for work my touchscreen wont respond I reset my phone but I cant click next to set it up

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try taking the phone completely apart, and checking all the connections and letting it fully dry out if it isn't.

make sure the touch screen is receiving power from the charging port. Let us know if this helps or if you find something, good luck!

You have to do an advanced hardware reset by first removing the battery for 30 minutes. Set a timer. After 30 mins, replace the battery and hold the volume down button for another 15 minutes. Set a timer. After 15 minutes, release the volume down and press volume up button rapidly 3 times and then immediately remove the battery again, this time, also remove the sim card. Wait about 30 seconds, and replace battery and sim.

When you power the phone back on, you should get a prompt asking you which hardware component to update., Select "screen sensor" by scrolling through the options with volume down and select it by pressing volume up. The phone will now reset the "screen sensor" hardware data and download the newest hardware update for your phone.

Screen should now be fully functional.

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Unfortunately i cant take the battery when i try to it bends the nattery

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I have this same phone. You can't take the battery out.

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never heard of an "advanced hardware reset" ...

will try it now and report the result

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Well, it's like i thought, not working

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