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Unidad de microdermoabrasión de 4 Funciones de Diamond SLY-08XLT. NV-07D

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Why is my scrubber not working

We turn on the machine and the skin scrubber, ultrasonic, and cathode don't seem to be working. there is no ultrasonic sound nor vibration.

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I know how to get the scrubber operating, it just isn’t vibrating. Anyone know how I am able to troubleshoot this problem? Is it the hand device or is it internal?

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Hi folks

I have the same problem. I recently bought a 16-in-one hydrafacial machine. Most functions are working well, but the skin scrubber is not working. there is no ultrasonic sound nor vibration. I don't know whether the issue is from the cathode or from the scrubber. Not sure either if my machine has a second power button, I can see only one from the back. I would welcome your help. Thank you

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This scrubber on the machine is odd enough to get working. First you have to make sure both 'power' buttons are on (the main on the right side of the machine and the secondary on the top left. In order to get the scrubber running, you need to use the lower right buttons to get the scrubber functioning. Choose either the bowtie or the camel back for the scrubber and then select intensity, then set the timer, as soon as the timer comes on the scrubber will start vibrating. Other than that, I am not sure why it wouldn't be working.

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Maybe you bought a bad quality machine. You should be careful when investing in your face. Go to LumBuy to know more.

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