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Announced in March 2015 and released April 10, 2015, the Galaxy S6 Edge is the curved-screen version of Samsung's newest flagship smartphone.

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Can someone tell me what happened to my screen?

I recently dropped my phone on its top edge, and now it looks like the glass is separating from the display and part of it created a large air bubble. it's not over the LCD but, I'm afraid it might spread.

if I need a repair done or a replacement bought, what would I need?

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A screen replacement, I suggest getting someone else to do it for you to avoid warranty issues. These screens are expensive after all.

Check whether Samsung or a independent repair store is cheaper. If it isn't much more for Samsung I'd go with Samsung for screen replacement.

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I recently bought a broken s6 edge for 100

And all the parts costs me 150,what i did i bought a broken glass screen original and i changed the glass with tools for 20 dollars

If you want to do it its going to cost you around the 160 mark +tools its not even hard

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