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need to replace the power jack Dell Latitude D510

I have a Dell Latitude D510 and have a new power cord cause it burnt up the the battery started to stop charging unless you wiggled the cord at the power jack and then one day is quit so did some research and found that the power jacks go bad but i have no idea how to take it apart and dont wanna break it thanks

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You can access service manuals for all Dell laptops at Laptop Manuals Hub

Find your manual and follow the motherboard removal instructions.

Here's how to replace DC jack.

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An excellent repair guide +

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this is great I will try this first cause i priced around here ind they want 100 bucks thanks you so much

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Replacing the DC jack on a laptop can easy or hard, easy when it does not need to be soldered in, hard when it has to be soldered. In your case a new DC jack needs to be soldered so the best thing to do is let an expert fix it.

My laptop repair business based in Manchester would charge you £55 to replace a DC Jack which is a very competitive price, so use that price when phoning round for quotes, good luck

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called around they want 100 to 150 bucks to fix the laptop but alot of them want a diag fee i know whats wrong cause right before it went out you had to wiggle the charger cord right where it plugs in the laptop to get it to work then it just stopped charging

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