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Why does home button not work on new screen?

I replaced the screen on a iPhone 7 Plus and everything on the screen assembly works except the home button now. The home button does not seemed to be damaged. Everything worked before the screen replacement. The screen was shattered to the point that the lcd was broken so I'm not sure if that kind of damaged could of damaged the home button.

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Could be an issue with the New Screen, if the cables are damaged of faulty then the home button just completely stops working even if everything else on the device is fine (found this out the hard way when removing a screen to do a new rear camera). Unfortunately you can't test this by trying a different home button to see if that also fails on that screen(which would be fairly cheap) because only the original button works in any capacity on the 7's so you'll probably need another screen to test.

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Thanks. I tried a new screen and the newer one worked.

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