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iPhone 5s Dead, Not Charging, Not Turning On, Touch ID stop Working


Does changing u2 ic or memory chip will make touch id to shop working?

My iphone 5s suddenly turned off. When I insert charger it turns on and show apple logo and then turn off and then this whole process starts again (turning on>show apple logo>turn off) and it continuous as long as charger is inserted.

When take out charger, phone turn off and no matter which button combination you use and how many times you use, it doesn't turn on. If I do DFU mode method, although screen stays off (black) it tries to restore but only to give an error each and every time.

So I went to technician and he said your memory or u2 ic is at fault and need to be changed. But after changing it he now told me that touch id won't work now! But as touch id is linked to processor so is it possible that changing u2 ic or memory chip make touch id stop working? Or it's his fault and he damaged something, bcuz before it touch id was working 100% ok!!

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His fault. I've had a technician replace many charging ic's on 5s and 6 without issue.

Sudden turn off sounds like maybe the phone has been liquid damaged inside?

I doubt he would of changed memory chip as that is a lot harder to do and requires reprogramming the memory chip to get it to work on the phone.

Just curious, was another battery tried on the phone?


I took phone back, he said if I change memory chip, touch id won't work and yes he said need to do programming but he said after changing memory ic, IMEI will be different. My phone is completely dead now. And yes he used other battery. he said it's not u2 ic, it's memory ic.

connecting it with itunes, i get error 2005 during restore. and my phone stay completely dead.


Well the phone was dead to begin with, sometimes these end up being unfixable unfortunately.

Ah okay now that makes sense. I think your technician is doing the right thing.

Memory IC faulty is the worst, sometimes it can be reballed to fix and worst case scenario needs to be swapped and/or reprogrammed.

Yeah touch ID is linked to the board might not work when memory chip is reprogrammed / changed.


If imei is different and uve restored it are u sure that's even ur phone board, sounds more like they've swapped the board with another one...


My iPhone 5s turned off suddenly.some times logo appears then one pink screen appears.That's all.I have got so many things in the phone.Service people say software/hardware has to be changed.If it is done the whole data will be wiped off

What to do.I want only data not phone.


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@c9679 is correct. Replacing U2 (Tristar chip) does not affect Touch ID.

Also reballing or replacing the NAND (what they are calling the memory IC) does not prevent Touch ID from working again either.

Normally rebooting can be, most commonly:

1- Corrupted software (needs restoring);

2- Bad or disconnected battery (reconnect or replace with good quality battery);

3- Bad charging dock (replace);

4- Board level damage near battery connector (replace missing or corroded component);

5- Tristar (U2);

6- Possibly corrupted NAND (needs reballing/replacing AND restoring);


If Touch ID stopped working, then either:

A- The board has been replaced, or

B- The home button has been replaced because they lost it/mixed it up with another one or damaged it during repair. OR..

C- They restored without the home button attached. In which case you need to restore again with home button connected.

A- and B- cannot be fixed unless Apple (Apple Store only) replaces the screen together with the home button, as them alone can pair a new home button / Touch ID to the existing CPU.

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Agree with point B however as the imei is now different it has to have been a board swap


Everything everyone has suggested is correct. Your logic board has been changed. If you now have a working phone and it works for you...other than touch id, you'll not get that feature back. But if you have the original imei and can go back to let him know you are aware of board swap and want your original logic board as he is not running an ethical business. There are other shops (including mail in repair here) you could send your board to for proper repair. Most do not charge if deemed not fixable.


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The touchid is linked to the cpu, changing nand won't change imei changing baseband, nand and cpu will change imei more likely ur board has been swapped with another one if ur imei doesn't match what it originally was... if ur board has been swapped without swapping the home button as well to the original boards home button then touchid won't work

Reprogramming nand doesnt affect touchid, u2 doesn't affect touchid

What was the error when you restored and did you try a new battery before all of this???

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