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El primer modelo de iPhone, modelo A1203 con 4, 8 o 16 GB de capacidad y una parte posterior de aluminio. La reparación requiere una cantidad significativa de destreza, y puede requerir un poco de soldadura.

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My iPhone 2g is not turning on or charging

2 night ago my iphone was frozen on the home screen and i tried to turn it off by holding down the power button but i didn't see the "slide to power down", then when the battery was completely dead, the iphone turned off with the black screen and it wont turn on again or even charge again, its only a black screen im seeing, i have tried holding down the power and home button for 60 seconds but the phone will not boot upand if i leave the iphone plug into my computer usb port and try to restart my computer, my computer will not boot up, it will only boot u if i plug out the iphone, its the same thing with my printer, i plugged it into my printer usb port and my printer will just start to malfunction,,,,

does anyone knows how to possible fix this?

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Have you tried plugging your iphone into another computer?

Your problem sounds like a PC issue rather than a phone one


i just changed my iphones lcd screen and now it’s showing 0% battery and it won’t allowing to connect to the wifi also if i unplug it it will just die, someone help me


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this sounds like a battery issue or dock connector issue. Clean the USB port of any dirt and dust then put the phone on charge via a wall charger not the pc. If it doesn't charge at all after an hour then you'll need to open the phone and swap the battery... pretty straightforward soldering job. The tricky bit is the removing of the case etc to get to your battery. I would think that it will be battery as it is approx 3 years old now? and they won't run forever...

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try a hard reset by holding home and power buttons whilst plugged into a power outlet. if that doesn't work, plug into iTunes. if it comes up, try a reset or a software update if all else fails, replace the battery and/or charging port.

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