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half of my LG TV screen flickers and has colored vertical lines

I have an LG 40 in. tv and half of the screen is flickering and sometimes it has vertical lines in it.....would it be cost effective to repair.....

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What model is your tv? Also what happened before this? Did this just occur randomly or was there some damage before?


I have a similar problem on my 37LG3000. Started after moving house, No issues until then. All inputs affected, and includes menus. Started with screen burn, then intermittent freezing of the bottom quarter, then flickering and horizontal lines across, or occasionally vertical lines. Sometimes the whole picture's jumped most of the way off the bottom of the screen and it's virtually unwatchable. We've tried swapping the HDMI cable, and taking the back off and spraying with IPA, to no avail. On the verge of throwing it out, so any help appreciated.


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You can try re-seating the ribbon cables coming out of the T-con board that go into the panel. If that does not get better you have a panel that is going bad and it will be uneconomical to repair unless you have access to free screens. You might try to replace the T-con, depending on the cost and if you can return it(minus a restock fee), but my experience is that 90% of the time or more it is a panel problem.

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Great, thanks for the answer. Looks like we're going to have to get a new TV then :( Oh well!


@sazu why? What have you checked? What model is your TV? Have you removed the back and checked the boards? to early to call it quits....


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