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LCD replacement screen does not light up


I installed a new LCD screen on my MBP, and when I turn it on it barely (if at all) lights up. I can just barely make out the screen and see that I'm logged on. From what I can see everything else works fine, just the screen does not get bright.

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So update, it does light up, but if I move the laptop then the light shuts off again... so I have to shut off and turn back on computer in order to have the screen light up again.


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Being able to see the desktop darkly usually indicates a bad inverter. In your case it sounds like a damaged inverter cable. I really can't tell without knowing EXACTLY which machine you have. Please list the last three letters of your serial number for identification.

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I have a A1260 2.4 Ghz Macbook Pro that I bought new in June 2008. It was working again for a while, but this morning I picked it up with one hand and almost dropped it, but caught it before it fell, however it caused the light to go out again. Now if I move the screen up and down the backlight will turn off again... so I'm back to sqaure one.

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