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The Dell Studio XPS 13 model M1340 is a laptop computer with a 13.3-inch display.

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Why is my screen black without any light on it when it's turned on?

On 20th March, my brother hibernated my computer for me after playing CS:GO. A few minutes later, as I tried to turn it on, nothing happened, the screen was absolutely black, there was no light or mouse arrow on it at all, so I went to several websites, which hadn't been useful at all, since the technique to turn it on and off, holding the power button for several seconds, unplugging the charger, didn't work. I believe that it's because it has problem resuming back to where I've left it.. Now it's 7 March and I'm getting desperate and I don't have the money to send to the repair shop. But I believe that there's gotta be a way here somewhere that can help me fix my computer. Tell me: could it be because of my adapter/harddisk/RAM/monitor/etc?

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Zatte B attach an external monitor to your computer and see what and if that displays anything.

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As @oldturkey03 said, you should try an external monitor. If that does not work, it is most likely not POSTing. That usually means that that a hardware component is fried, typically the motherboard. It could also be faulty RAM, but usually a bad HDD or WiFi Adapter would not prevent it from booting. I am assuming the worst but this may not be the issue. However, since the laptop is so old, if it is indeed the Motherboard, you would be better off getting a new one. Hope that helped!

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I had this before on a different model, it worked fine with an external monitor, I disabled the screen in device manager and then rebooted, it then found the screen and reenabled it.

Another time this didn't work and it was narrowed down to the ribbon cable that goes to the screen

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