Released on September 19, 2014, this 5.5" screen iPhone is the larger version of the iPhone 6.

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Possible logic board failure on iPhone 6 Plus

Randomly this evening my iPhone 6 Plus decided to end its existence in some sense. It was working perfectly fine prior to me going outside for a smoke. I came back inside and the screen had gone black and the back light was turning on and off repeatedly. I initiated a hard reset because the power button was not responsive and after that there was nothing. I plugged it into my PC to see if anything could be done in iTunes but it required me to enter the password from the phone that was dead. I tried forcing it into recovery mode but that needed a password as well. The phone obviously turns on and off when using the hard reset but nothing works. The vibrate switch is unresponsive as well. Touch ID to unlock the phone doesn't work because the PIN needs to be entered when the phone is turned back on. Wondering what you guys think these symptoms add up to. Feedback will be much appreciated. Also the phone was in perfect condition previous the this, and I have had it since the first day it was released. EDIT: Right now just trying to let the battery drain to see if I can revive it with a fresh charge (wishful thinking I know) I am now noticing there is a pretty warm spot on the phone just under the camera

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Mine has had the same issue just stop working...Could be the motherboard


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Assuming the phone wasn't dropped or water damaged in the days leading up to the failure, you probably have a defective screen or modular component.

If you are comfortable opening your device (follow this guide) then I would suggest you disconnect the front camera flex to see if this helps. Always disconnect the battery first (and connect it last) and be very gentle; flexes and connectors are very fragile.

If this solves your problem, then order a replacement Front Camera flex. If not then it may be screen or logic board related. With the phone "on", try shining a bright flashlight on the screen. You may see a dim image, which would be indicative of a failed backlight circuit on the logic board. If there is no dim image, then it is most likely a defective screen.

The problem with troubleshooting the screen is that you need a known-good replacement screen. The other option is to bring it to a reputable repair shop.

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My iphone 6 plus was dropped and only cracked in the right top corner of the phone I then started to have ghost touches but it was still working so it didnt push me to go get it fixed maybe a month later the screen started to really be unresponsive. And now the screen is black with colored lines in it but its on in the inside like kf someone call me i can hear it ring i took it to this place called I fix they told me they couldnt fix it he said he tried installing a new LED screen and everything and putting in a new battery and still nothing. So i been doing my research and could it be a damaged motherboard/Logic Board? If u could help me out that would be great thanks!


Hi Jada. Unlike threaded discussion forums, iFixit Answers is focussed on addressing individual questions, preferably to resolution. Every situation is different, from the actual device to the circumstances and history of the device.

If you would like to have the community help you, it would be best for you to create your own question outlining your particular circumstances. If you'd like me to see it, please tag me with my username (@refectio).


My iPhone 6 Plus went from working just fine to now I can touch anything on the screen haven’t getting the screen fixed couple of times some said it’s the motherboard if that’s how u say it, can that be fixed if that’s the problem?


My iphone6plus also just quit working one day. Out of the blue, no precursors. It’s been shelved for over a year now. Trying to fix it for a replacement for my kid. Have changed the charging port and no luck. Cannot get any response at all from phone. No iTunes connection, audible noise, no lights or anything. What do you recommend? I thought to change the screen but if it was getting a charge wouldn’t I get some response from the phone?


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