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Modelo A1204 / 1 o 2 GB de capacidad

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How do I fix/repair the power jack for my iPod?

Hi, when I connect my ipod to a docking station (which is connected to my laptop), it will not charge, or be recognised either by my pc or by itunes.

== Other Info

I have one Apple docking stn, but the jack broke off (it was in my bag), however it still works to an extent, in that, when I plug in the ipod, the ipod flashes orange for about 4 blinks (sometimes erratically), but then isn't recognised at all by the computer.

I own another docking stn, I think its just a generic make. This one lights up when you plug it into the pc, and usually when I plug my ipod in, the computer recognises a USB device but nothing more than that.

Thanks in advance, hope someone can help. :)

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At first, here are the explanations for the flashing lights.

The primary functions are powering on, charging, syncing, and general feedback. Let's look at each.

When you turn on your iPod Shuffle, the light will indicate your current charge level:

green = 30-100% charge,

orange = 10-30% charge, low,

red = less than 10% charge,

no light = too late,

If you see an alternating pattern of green-orange-orange then your Shuffle's crashed or otherwise needs to be restored. Needless to say, that's not a good thing, but probably easy to fix when you hook it up to your PC or Mac.

When you're charging up your Shuffle, there are three possible light states:

orange = charging

green = fully charged, unplug whenever you're ready to go

flashing orange = busy, either syncing or in use as a remote disk

The amber light is probably flashing because you have it mounted as a drive and that is why it shows up as a USB device only.

Here is what apple has to say about that number one try to reset

To reset your iPod shuffle:

  • 1. Eject your iPod shuffle from iTunes, if connected.
  • 2. Remove iPod shuffle from the USB dock.
  • 3. Move the switch on the top of the iPod shuffle to the off position.

* Tip: When iPod shuffle is off, the green stripe by the switch is not visible.

  • 4. Wait 5 seconds.
  • 5. Move the switch back to the ON position so the green strip is visible.
  • iPod shuffle is now reset. If after resetting iPod shuffle you are going to attach it to your computer, be sure to place the switch in the off position.

The other problem that you're additionally encountering are the broken docking stations. I guess what i would be doing is to get a dock that is working for sure and try from there. These could of course be another reason why your computer does not recognize the iPod

Here are some links for a whole bunch of useful information


I hope this will help you somewhat, i know it is confusing, sorry....Good luck

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Hey oldturkey03, thanks for your reply, I already tried all that stuff, reset and disassembly and stuff, nothing worked. I visited those sites, and on one of the forums, there was a whole thread where tons of people seem to hve the exact same problem as me, but none of their solutions have worked for me... but anyone else:

is where some solutions are, but i think mines just gone caput... ty anywayz..

- de

RACLX SHAW are you game for some more little things that I picked up along the way? Some of these may sound a little odd but I figure there is nothing to lose. Unplug any and all devices from your USB ports. Restart your computer with the shuffle pluged in into the USB. Hope it blinks to life on start up. Itunes may still not recognize it, but it may be charging. Let it charge for awhile, then restart your computer again and see if itunes will now find it while it remains plugged in.

The only other way I can think of if you uninstall all your USB ports, restart your computer and let the OS find the USB ports and reinstalls them. I think that this can be because of a conflict between the USB, and the system trying to assign a drive letter that is already taken. Let me know if this helped and if not we'll keep on trying to find a solution. Hate to give up.....:)

- de

Hey oldturkey03, I FIXED IT! ..well, not really, turns out I just needed a new docking station, (I decided to order one couple of days ago as it only cost £1.34)

I'd just assumed it was the ipod because my other shuffle (1stG) worked fine, and when I jiggled the ipod around a bit it used to help.

But thanks a lot for all your help. :)

I actually hadn't realised how long I've had this ipod, and my old docking stn worked well for almost 2yrs,

For anyone else, I got my new one on Amazon, there's a selection at:

.....I just hope I haven't damaged anything when I took it apart, ah well, thanks again for your help :)

- de

Excellent, and congratulations on getting it to work. All the best to you and your iPod :)

- de

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