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IPad 2 GSM con 16, 32 o 64 GB de almacenamiento y un procesador Dual Core A5. Número de modelo A1396. La reparación es complicada y requiere calor y palanca.

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Rear Camera does not work after replacing broken glass screen

I replaced broken glass screen on my iPad2. Digitizer was working fine. The iPad functions well with clear glass but the rear camera is neither working nor recognised. Front camera works normal. What could have gone wrong?

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You may have damaged the rear camera flex cable when removing the screen or reassembling. The camera is easy to remove once you have the screen off, iFixit has a guide. Check the cable carefully to see if there are any nicks or damage to the cable. You could also just try reseating the cable in case in came loose.

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Well. I was hoping that I don't have to take the screen apart. Disassembling with broken glass screen is rather easy. However, if it has to be so then will do it over the weekend. Thanks! Will inform the results, once done.

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Hi David - I did all that you suggested. Everything with hardware seems to be in order but the rear camera does not work. Thinking that it could be software glitch, even reinstalled the iOs through iTunes but no success. May be that the camera itself has got damaged while repairing the glass. Thanks for your help.

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Yes, if you have reinstalled iOS, then your only other option is to replace the camera itself.

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