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How to repair touchpad flat cable?

ASUS Eee PC 1001PX Hard Drive Replacement

Hi guys, firstly I would like to thank who did that guide. It's wonderful. Unfortunately, I didn't find that one before trying it. So, I damaged that flat cable that connects the touchpad on motherboard. The link below is the picture of the damaged cable.

Block Image

What could I do to repair the damage? If the solution is purchase another cable, what's it?

Many thanks

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Hi Steffen,

Thank you for the answer, but to buy it by the eBay for who lives in Brazil is more difficult and the sellers don't put more specific data about.

Recently, I took a common ruler and measured the cable width. The picture shows it:


I knew it has 12-pin, but I need to find the pitch measuring because on the internet (Aliexpress website) I found more than one pitch measuring, but I think it would be 0.5mm, don't you?

Best regards

- de

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Hi Diego,

I recently uploaded my repair guide on how to replace the DC jack power (charging socket) on an ASUS 1001PX which also includes the removal of the upper unit/touch pad. You will find it here: ASUS Eee PC 1001PX Charging Socket Replacement

What is actually needed in your case is a 12 pin flat ribbon cable which you easily find online, for example:

For sure, you can also buy the entire touch pad unit, for example, here:

However, if you only need the flat ribbon cable, I suggest that you buy a single ribbon cable that is as long as your old one is and just fold it the way you need it. This should do the job!


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