The TI-84 Plus CE is a graphing calculator released in Spring 2015 by Texas Instruments. It includes a 2.8 inch color screen, USB port, apps, storage, and a 1200 mAh battery.

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Is there a way to fix buttons that aren't working?

The bottom row of numbers on my TI-84 (1, 2, and 3) have stopped working and do not input a number when pressed. Is there a way to fix this or someone I could send the calculator to in order to have it fixed?

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Here are instructions on disassembly.

You may be able to clean the 1-2-3 so that it works. If not, you can hunt around ebay or for a replacement keypad.

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Wrong calculator link. OP said 84 Plus CE. You gave link to old 84.


I know he said CE. The basic, Silver, and CE are assembled in a similar fashion. The major difference is the software ad mainboard.


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