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Esta es la página del dispositivo para el Samsung Galaxy J7. El sistema operativo que viene en stock para el dispositivo es Android OS v5.1.

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How did the ink in my phone spread around the whole thing?

When I dropped my phone out my back pocket, it feel in some rocks and i think the ink box broke. The next morning the whole screen was covered with black stuff. I don't know if it was the ink or what but it looked disgusting. But can someone help me find a place to get it repaired?

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You could have someone fix it, but you're most likely pay more than it's worth. Most places I know of charge no less then $35 in labor not to mention the mark up on parts cost.

You could do it yourself for about $107 at website.

And here's a comprehensive tutorial.

Samsung Galaxy J7 LCD Display (video) Replacement

If you don't feel up to doing it yourself, you should shop around and find the best deal.

Good luck

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My battery repair

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