iPhone 5 stuck in Boot Loop

hello there,

obv the basic questions to get an iPhone 5 out of the Boot Loop have been answered numerous times

but in this case most methods dont work because on this iPhone the power button isnt working anymore and so its not possible to power it up without the charging cable

i have already disassembled the phone and tried to fix the broken power button

and the iphone fell down on the corner near the power button (but the power button wasnt working before that either) and after the fall and dropping on the floor the iphone is now in a boot loop

i dont know enough about iphone repair but i think its probably something caused by the drop

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It's a hardware problem.


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Have you tried booting the phone up with the power button / volume cable unplugged?

You should be able to get it in recovery mode by holding home button while it's plugged in and do a update first and restore (this method wipes user data on phone) if it does not work.

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Might even get it to just regular boot, with the "bad" camera out of the circuit


i havent tried that yet, but since it doesnt work at all and the guy at the apple store couldnt do anything either than offering me to get a new one for 300bucks, and itd be really stupid to pay so much for an iphone 5

ill try that tomorrow and i really hoped there was a way without resetting it due to the fact that the owner of the phone didnt do a backup for quite some time


Avoid apple store for phone repairs. The genius bar for example are only there to really push you to buy a new apple product ($300 Out of Warranty exchange / replacement).

They only do (if these are the issue):

- Screen replacements

- Battery replacements

- And OOW exchange which like you said is $300. These aren't brand new though, they are refurbished phones.

In most cases boot-loops are caused after attempting a OTA (Over-the-Air) software update through settings and ends up failing due to not enough storage on phone. An iTunes 2x-3x restore error on update via iTunes attempt will hint that this is the case which unfortunately requires a restore.

If it happened right after drop, it's sometimes not fixable due to the memory chip (nand flash) on the board being physically damaged from drop.

Also there's 3Utools if you prefer to use something else than iTunes to flash phone and check battery health.


well the first trick that you mentioned did work to at least power it up and connect it to itunes, unfortunately it is physically defective and wont be able to recover anymore

the phone was really slow anyways, so its not a huge loss

but thanks for your help


Yeah, these phones have dropped a lot in price for 2nd hand ones.

No problem, glad I could help,


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In my case, my iPad stuck in boot loop when I try to restore with iTunes.

And I really apprecialte a lot for the replies. Really thanks very much for the tips you have provided in this very helpless situation. I think my only solution would be to use imyfone ios system recovery as I found other ways were not suitable enough. Oh well.

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I have a solution, take that piece of apple trash and chuck it into the garbage can where it belongs. Quit buying their over priced, over hyped, locked down proprietary garbage. Apple sucks.... they've always sucked. They were lucky to make it through the 90's. Unfortunately, people started buying into their crap again when the iPod came along and saved them. Quit paying your hard earned money for their crap that they break purposely through iOS updates and the like, and let them die already. Buy an Android and move on, you will be much happier in the long run. There's plenty of good manufacturers out there producing quality phones.

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