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The Sega CD I, A.K.A. The Mega CD I (in Japan) was the original Sega CD unit released in 1991.

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Why wont my Sega power up and/or read disc?

i get an error message on a light blue screen saying something about "ERROR!!!

This is not a compatible (something) disc (something area outside asia and japan."

the little red does not light up, the disc does not even spin. reset doesn't work, no discs work.

the CD part was taken apart and cleaned, all connections have been checked and rechecked.

How can i get my Sega CD to work on my own?

the genesis side works fine, just the cd part is messed up.

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the error message says:

ERROR(*symbol that looks weird*)

this is an NTSC- compatible SEGA-CD for use in NTSC regions other than Japan and Southeast Asia.

i live in america and this sega cd worked before, ive played it. also, the motor that moves the lens doesn't seem to move, and the disc doesn't spin.


Daniel, just wondering if this was still a problem or if you got it fixed by now?


i havent been able to play my sega cd for several months. noone has offered any inkling to any solution for my sega cd problem yet. but im patient. ive been watching my post here. anyways, thats all the information i could gather on this problem right up there ^^^^^^



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I suppose it could be a fuse problem H\Did you check out the repair on and The Sega CD will blow a fuse if the console is jarred or moved wile it is powered on and hooked into the Genesis. Sometimes they'll just blow for no reason. Also if it is your Cd drive it is usually the spindle motor Here is also a great forum that might get you in the right direction I was also wondering if something happened that might have changed the region code of your drive. If it comes for parts, it will get a little trickier to find and your best bet would probably be ebay or craigslist. Hope this got you at least started in the right direction. Good Luck

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thanks, i will review these videos. im inclined to believe that since the sega cd part doesn't want to even power up that it is the fuse problem. im pretty sure i already have all the parts i need to make this fix and that it should only take 10 minutes. ill let you know if i got it alright and then accept your answer.


Daniel don't worry about accepting the answer, that is only a thank you for when you get it resolved :-) try to get that great console going again. Let us know if you got it fixed if not we'll try to find a better way.


thanks for everything, if i hadnt read this, i would have never looked in the area where the PICO II fuse is to test it-- the fuse is fine-- and i would have never seen a piece of tape over this component... and discovered that the pop that was spilled on the system long ago had rusted and corroded the connection. a little solder should do for a good fix... if not i can order a new suncom component from radio shack or something.

im willing to bet that this little component being faulty caused the system to believe that there was a disc in the drive from another region by default. ill get some solder and let you know how it goes.


Daniel that is excellent. Great job in investigating your console. Looks to me like a capacitor that needs replacing ;-)Let us know how it turns out and if you have any other question. Again, great job...:-)


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