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Lanzado en enero de 2015, el Charge HR es un ponible de entrenamiento físico con el número de modelo FB405BKS (Pequeño) and FB405BKL (Grande).

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My Fitbit doesn't charge and I don't know why

Hi , I haven't been using my Fitbit for a while, last week I wanted wear it but obviously it was run out of charge. When I plugged it in nothing had happened and it doesn't get charged somehow and I don't know why and how to make it work. What can I do??

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Noorjan, If under warranty return for repair/replacement/refund. If able to try a different compatible charging source cable/charger to rule out faulty charger. You may want to try changing the battery as it may be faulty. Battery replacement guide link below and link for battery which you can do a search for also for better pricing perhaps. Good luck. I hope this helped you out, if so let me know by pressing the helpful button.

Fitbit Charge HR Battery Replacement

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