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Must Remove the battery & then reinstall it to get camera to turn on.

My Canon Powershot SX40 HS camera will turn on only once per battery insertion. i.e., put battery in, the camera turns ON OK. Turn camera OFF, then press the On/Off button and the camera will not turn on a second time. Take the battery out, put the same battery back in, press the On/Off button, and the camera turns ON and everything works fine again. Turn it OFF once more and it won't come back on until the battery is removed and then reinserted (same battery). I've also found that once the remove/insert battery cycle has been performed (i.e., camera now ready to turn on), pressing the Playback button will turn the camera on, just like the On/Off button does.

Does anyone have any idea as to what is causing my camera to act this way?

Incidentally, I do not have any history with this camera -- I just recently (April 2017) bought it used. Since it did not come with a battery, I bought a supposedly compatible Vivitar VIV-CB-10L battery; the manufacturer's battery is a Canon NB-10L. Once the camera is On, it seems to work perfectly so I think the Vivitar batteries are OK for the camera.

UPDATE 04/30/17 -- Since originally posting my question, I've learned that once a fully charged, installed battery's charge becomes even slightly depleted (say the battery status icon lights only two of the three divisions of the icon), the camera will power on consistently, just like it should, without me having to remove and then reinstall the battery between power on's. So I'm slowly uncovering more symptoms but still cannot formulate a diagnosis. All thoughts will be appreciated.

Oh, and I have purchased a genuine Canon NB-10L battery (from B&H Photo) but still have the problem.

UPDATE 07/16/17 -- EUREKA! I found the culprit -- my aftermarket (cheap) battery charger was overcharging my camera batteries to 8.4 volts. Apparently the camera's electronics have an "overcharged battery" threshold of about 8.2 volts. If a battery is installed with a voltage above the threshold, then the camera will not power up again until it senses that the battery has been swapped out. (It has to turn on once in order to sense an overcharged battery; that's why I was having to remove the battery and then reinstall it to get the camera to come on just the one time per battery swap.) Of course, if the replacement battery is also overcharged beyond 8.2 volts, the "new" battery will only give you one turn on cycle of the camera, too. Since I was using the SAME battery when doing the battery "replacement", even turning the camera on just once would dissipate the battery's charge somewhat. Eventually, repeated uses of the "Install battery/turn camera on/turn camera off/uninstall battery/reinstall battery/turn camera on" process dropped the battery's voltage to below the camera threshold of 8.2 volts, and at that point the camera would begin to operate normally. Though my theory is only conjecture as to what logic is actually built into the camera, I do know that using a properly charged battery allows my $10 camera to work normally. Needless to say, I've abandoned the aftermarket charger in favor of a genuine Canon charger that I bought for charging my NB-L10 batteries.

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Larry Bishop, The battery or corroded contacts could be the issue. If you can clean the contacts with a pen eraser(has a little grit in them) or a Qtip dampened with 90%+ Isopropyl Alcohol, then blow all debri from battery compartment. Check contacts while at it for being bent down, damaged,etc any thing that could affect connection. Still not working properly, there could be slight difference in the battery from Canon NB-10L battery, perhaps purchase a new OE battery. Good luck. I hope this helped you out, if so let me know by pressing the helpful button.

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LPfaff, thanks for your feedback. As you recommended, I cleaned the contacts of the battery and of the camera, but the problem still remains. I bought a bonafide NB-10L battery and installed it, but the problem still exists. I've since found that once the installed battery's charge becomes a little depleted, the camera will turn on consistently without my having to remove and reinstall the battery between each power up. This quirky problem really has me stumped. I found a really detailed video of the teardown of an SX50 on Youtube so if I go that route, I'm hoping that the assembly/disassembly of an SX40 is close to that for the SX50. Taking it apart will be a drastic move since (1) I've never taken a digital camera apart before, and (2) once I have it apart, I won't know what to look for. This move could render the camera permanently inoperable.

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Larry Bishop, Thanks for replying back, Maybe see if there is updated software/firmware to install or possibly a factory reset. You do have something strange going on there. The cheapest used working SX40 is still $150.00 or more. If the camera is actually functioning now, perhaps use it as is and maybe after a few charging cycles using the bonafide NB-10L battery it will come around. I did a search for a free service/repair manual and no luck with freebies. Perhaps try contacting Cannon and see if they have any further suggestions. Good luck with your camera.

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LPfaff, I did contact Canon. and got an email reply from Canon Ireland (I live in the US), but was of no help. I must admit that, in spite of all of the grief it has given me so far, I like this camera -- especially its LONG zoom lens. The only reason I even have this camera is that I know of Canon's reputation for making good, solid cameras (I have had a few over the years, starting with a Canon 35mm A-1 film camera I bought back in the 1970's), and that I stumbled across this camera in a thrift/second hand store and paid less than $10 for it. Of course, it didn't have a battery in it nor a memory card so I couldn't check it out prior to purchasing it, but at that price I figured it was worth the risk -- that it even turns on and, once on, works perfectly surprised me. I like to tinker with stuff so I'll probably continue, off and on, to see if I can fix it. The only firmware I could find for it was a 3rd party item which allows it to save files in RAW format. (Comments continue in next post.)

- de

(Comment CONTINUED) That firmware is known on the internet as 'CHDK', installing it would worry me more than taking the camera apart would. Canon does not offer a firmware download, so if I were to scramble the firmware in it by installing CHDK, there's no going back. Thanks for your replies, suggestions, and interest. I'll try to keep you informed if I ever am able to make some progress in solving the camera's problems.

- de

@lb1947 , Larry, $10.0 that was a super deal, parted out was easily worth more. Thanks for replying back, please do keep us updated, sorry could not help more. Good luck with the camera.

- de

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A word on the CHDK software. Even though it loads via a firmware update, there are NO actual changes to the firmware. It is strictly SOFTWARE and resides on the SD card. It's a little tricky to get it loaded and operating the first time until you become experienced in the quirky procedure (locking the card, making the card bootable, etc.). I have CHDK loaded on all my Canon PS cameras, never a problem (unless you copy the wrong version for your camera, then it just doesn't come on until you remove the software from the SD card). It's really good SW, and also have a battery voltage indicator option which might help with troubleshooting.

One more thing- you can prevent the software from loading by simply unlocking the SD card and turning the camera back on.

Good luck!

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