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La PSP 300x se lanzó en EE. UU. el 15 de octubre de 2008. La reparación de este dispositivo solo requiere herramientas comunes.

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PSP not working after using it with a faulty cable

Hi, I have a PSP without a battery and was playing on it by having it plugged into a powerbank constantly. After some time, the psp started turning off when the cable was at a certain angle. It didnt happen very often, so I just ignored it, but after a while the psp stopped turning on, not even the green light would turn on. I thought the cable has shortcircuited inside, and so I checked 2 fuses on the motherboard with a multimeter, but they seemed to be fine.

Any help would be appriciated, thanks.

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Martin Sevela this "turning off when the cable was at a certain angle" sounds like your issue is with the power connector. To replace it or to check it, you'd have to remove the motherboard. Use this guide to get there. The connector would have to be replaced by soldering a new one to the board. that would also give you an opportunity to replace the battery.

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