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The Nintendo 2DS is a handheld gaming device developed as an entry level version of the Nintendo 3DS with nearly identical hardware, but without the 3D upper screen function.

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SD Card Stuck In Write-Protection (Console Problem)


i am having a problem with the console saying the SD card is stuck in write-protection. i can tell you for a fact, the card is not. the slide is at the top and have even tried 2 other SD cards. The other SD cards i have also work fine in another 2DS i have tried.

are there any suggestions how how to fix it? i updated the console and formatted it just to see if that would fix it.


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Try to open up and clean the contact pins, they could be dirty and shorting something out.

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Thanks for the reply, i gave it a shot but to no prevail. nothing is screaming out at me that there is anything wrong visually

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What about the 2 smaller pins to the side?

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they appear to be fine, not touching each other

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What about cleaning around the connector? Also has it ever been water damaged?

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yeah ive cleaned it. it was all clean already but gave a clean as best i could just in case. there is no liquid inside. no visible sign of water damage

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