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Fourth generation Samsung Android tablets. Released in 2014.

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Device memory damaged error?

Every time I turn my tablet on I get the same message "device memory damaged: the data partition has been corrupted. You need to reset your device to factory defaults. This will erase all your data" but every time I click the "reset device" button nothing happens, I am so frustrated, how do I fix this?? I really would rather not lose all my stuff as I have pictures of my father on there who is now deceased, I just really need to fix this :(

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Oh I thought I was the only one going through this..It's very stressing, I feel like crying right now because I have lost almost everything. ...It happened the first time and I had only backed up my emails...and now it happened again but I'm now on the safe side because backed up everything.

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Before you do anything, you should backup the photos.

If you are able to install apps, try the following apps:

a) Google Photos app - you need to manually go into the apps own settings, and enable backup. You probably want uncompressed backup (no quality loss), but this will limit the numbers of photos you can backup to your google account.

You can check that your photos are saved by going to on a computer, and use your gmail login/android account login.

b) Microsoft's OneDrive app. You can also tell this app to automatically back your photos up to your email address account.

Once this is done,

Reboot your tablet into recovery mode, as follows:

Hold 'vol down' and 'power' buttons on tablet

Release 'power' when samsung image is shown

Release 'vol down' when the two icons are shown

Use the 'vol down' to navigate between the icons

Highlight the left icon (box)

Press the 'vol up' to select it and boot into recovery mode

You need to select Factory reset from there. YOUR DATA WILL BE DELETED. If you get "Download mode" instead of "Recovery mode", hold down power to turn off the tablet. Follow the instructions above, but instead of Vol Down and power, try vol up and power.

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Tried both, nothing is working, it tries to go into recovery mode, but as soon as the android guy shows up, he then lays down, chest open, and a red triangle with an exclamation mark in it appears above him, I am so frustrated!!

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So what happens when you press the "POWER" button when you see the Android with the red triangle?

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Nothing, the tablet just restarts, and goes right back to the device memory damaged screen

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What about using Odin and flashing it with the stock rom?

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@gigabit87898, I am trying to get her to download mode. It sounds like her tablet won't go there. I won't even load the recovery mode menu options.

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I have the same problem, but until now i don't know what to do to fix it.

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The internal FLASH memory is probably dying.

I had this on GalaxyTab 2.

As the number of times one can write to FLASH type of memory,

after some years (?) the device dies.

Repairing is very difficult as you need to replace the FLASH memory chip on the board and program the firmware to the new chip.

You can root the device and change the mount-points of the partitions away from the dead partition or use the external microSD card, but in my case it only worked for some months, then the sdCard gave up.

Then I gave up and bought a new device....

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I was having this same issue with my old Samsung Galaxy S3 (which I still keep to take on vacation to the West Coast every summer to take pictures).

After Googling possible answers, I was resigned to having to reset my device. I decided to try one last time to remove the battery, and took off the Otterbox Defender case. Once the case was off, my device miraculously started normally! I am wondering if the tightness or fit of the case might have had something to do with the issue.

I did make sure to back up all of my photos, just in case this happens again. Just something you might consider. . .

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