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The HTC Desire 510 Android smartphone was announced August 2014.

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HTC sense input has stopped

Why do I keep getting a message on my screen saying " Unfortunately HTC sense input has stopped. And even when I hit OK, it come right back. I removed Battery and sms card put them back in . Waited 10 min. Turned on phone, still get same message on screen.

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You are amazing!!! I was few minutes away from factory reset. If like me phone continuously loops about Sense, Playstore etc guys you can still drag the top down to get to settings btw

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I have HTC Desire 630 dual sim and i get the message that HTC sense stopped & BlinkFeed not working. All apps are scroll upper. I tried i restart my phone but no success i would ask you for help thanks in advance.

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What is the search button? I cant even type anything because the key board doesn't pop up to type.

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Hello...... I have tried everything on the forums..... tried to clear "cache" & "data" in both the settings app and the input up, neither work and the input app doesn't even allow me select clear data or clear cache.

I have factory restored the phone too and nothing seems to be working.

Please Help before my phone goes in the toilet

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Try the following to resolve the problem

Press the Search button on your phone.

Type in Settings and select it from the results.

Then select Applications > Manage Applications > HTC Sense > Clear Data.

Press the Home button.

You should now see the default wallpaper and widgets.

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Thank you so much! It worked like a chime. I thought I was going to have to buy a new phone

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Thank you Jayeff !!!

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it doesnt work for me

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100% worked thanks a lot

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It's a thing with HTC phones. Try updating the apps and do a system update as well.

Reloading firmware may help but no idea where to download the firmware due to lack of softwaee support from HTC.

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i have htc desire 310 and i get the message that htc sense stopped i tried i restart my phone but no success i would ask you for help thanks in advance

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Hi @banjevic ,

Did you try the method provided in the Chosen Solution above? You didn't say.

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that I tried everything but again nothing

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Hi @banjevic ,

By everything, did you also mean a hard reset?

If you want to try a hard reset:

Be aware that a hard reset will erase all your data and downloaded apps. It will restore the phone to its' factory default condition (or last system updated position).

>>>>> Backup the phone first before you try a hard reset.<<<<<

If you do try this, see if it works in the default mode. if it does restore the phone using the phones restore feature and then check if it still works.

If it does then the 'reset' resolved the problem.

If you have already tried this apologies.

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I tried it, and again without success, would it help if I put in another system?

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Hi @banjevic ,

You could try looking at this and try re-installing the stock firmware in case yours somehow has become corrupted so that even a factory restore doesn't work properly.

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