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The Nintendo 2DS is a handheld gaming device developed as an entry level version of the Nintendo 3DS with nearly identical hardware, but without the 3D upper screen function.

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Where can I find a replacement 2DS or can it still be fixed?

So it happened that while I was on holiday I dropped my 2DS in a lake. After 5 mins of fishing it out we had this brilliant idea to put it in a bag of salt (turns out we were supposed to use something else). So now I have this salty, soaked 2DS a day after the incident. We are trying to fix it however I believe it isn't repairable. We managed to recover the SD card and possibly the game, however I do not know where I can buy a replacement without having to pay for a bundle with a game I won't be able to use because I will swap the SD card out... So where can I? Or can I still repair it?

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There isn't much you can do for your 2DS. After 5 minutes fully submerged in lake water, then in a bag of salt... Good luck. The inside is probably filled with water, and salt and water is bad news for electronics, the worst really. Use Electronics Water Damage and Repairing iPhone Liquid Damage to attempt a clean, but there isn't much hope. Use Nintendo 2DS Motherboard Replacement to take it apart. Also, you can get a refurbished 2DS from Nintendo with a one year warranty for about $60 without an A/C adapter. Check it out here:

Hope this helps.

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Repairing iPhone Liquid Damage



1 - 2 hours

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Nintendo 2DS Motherboard Replacement



30 - 40 minutes

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