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Got an 820-00045 in for repair at the moment (liquid damaged). Ultrasonic cleaned it and there is damage to Q7430, a couple of capacitors above it and the fuse.

The capacitors are not a problem, but I can't seem to find the MOSFET anywhere. Don't have any on my donor boards either (as far as I can see, the component is specific to the 12" Retina models). Don't have any donor boards for this series, kicking myself for not buying some last year, since I can't get any now.

Attached an image of the component in the schematic and on the board itself (between coil and tantalum capacitor). Any help finding somewhere to buy this would be appreciated, shame for it to be unfixed due to not being able to get this part :)

Also side note: in schematic it has an APN (Apple part number?), which could explain why I cannot find any available.

Block Image

Block Image

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@oldturkey03 - Any ideas?

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Did you try putting it in rice?

Seriously though, TI is for Texas Instruments?

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@rany I already tried rubbing rice on it, but it is still damaged ;)

Yes it's manufactured by Texas Instruments, but I can't find any data sheet or anywhere to buy it. I think Apple may have exclusive access to the chip or something, since they have it listed as an Apple part number.

Found this chip with the first few and last few letters/numbers being the same, but have no idea if it will work, since I have no data sheet for the one on the board I'll probably order this if I have no success, as long as I can see it is the same channel MOSFET and has the same tolerances as the original.

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So you are going to try your luck with this?

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@rany yes, as long as it looks similar enough and if the customer is willing to wait

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