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Temperature! iPhone is too hot

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Alright. I've searched a few answers here, and on the rest of the web. None of them seem applicable or the answer I need. Kind of like a similar question here. Water damaged phone. Did an ultrasonic bath. Comes on, says Temperature. iPhone is too hot. And it is. It seems that it's just around the cpu. Obviously the CPU works, as it boots up and gets this error and can switch to the screen to make emergency calls. It does seem like the rest of the board is too hot; but mostly the CPU. Tried testing continuity, seems ok in the circuit around the CPU, and there aren't any obvious signs of damage on the rest of the board. Any ideas guys?

Update (04/14/2017)

Also, what is this M7? Sounds pretty secretive

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Huh, @refectio. Looks like I could'be just googled it


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I would try freeze spraying the board to see what heats up first. That might give you a visual cue. You could also connect it to a power supply instead of the battery and gradually raise the voltage until you see what heats up first (again on a frozen pcb).

Otherwise, you will need to check all the voltage rails. There might not be a dead short but one of them could be drawing excess current (look for a lower than expected voltage). This would heat the PMIC underneath which could make look like the CPU.

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Alright, what's freeze spray? I'm guessing I'll need to either buy or create some kind of variable resistor, to give power to the board gradually


Also, I'll check the pmic circuits, there...not sure how many this one has...


Ok, I only found one from the iFixit teardowns guide, and I guess it seems like everything in the Qualcomm PM8018RF PMIC seems to have good continuity. However, I don't know what they're called, big grey boxes and the other large box with a hole or hole dent in it, seem ok, but some marks on them. Could just be from when the shield was hot and made a mark before I removed it


Freeze Spray

Never mind the resistor...it will need to be fairly big to dissipate the heat generated by the kind of current you will need. A power supply, like this one which is fairly generic, allows you to limit the current or vary the voltage (or both). You'll also need something like this to connect to the phone or you can make your own with an old battery.

Its great for testing and directly adding voltage to a circuit (hint: data recovery).

As for the PMIC, just focus on the main one (Amber / U7).


I bet you could get away with, I would almost believe it to be an Internet myth if I hadn't tried it and used it and it worked destroying a friends u lock to get his bicycle back, canned compressed air. I guess if you hold it upside down it turns the florethelyne? To tri-florethelyne. Which acts as a freezing agent. Yeah, I definately need some of those pieces of equipment for my lab. I'll look into the pmic circuit, wait which one is U7? Can't find that on the iFixit guide, and of course I still don't have a zxw tool yet


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