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Repair guides and support for top and front loading Whirlpool brand washers.

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gets stuck in the first part of the wash cycle. won't fill all the way

I have a Whirlpool top-loading washing machine. My husband and a couple of our guy friends moved it a few days ago from one apartment to another within the same apartment complex (not a long move). Upon attempting the first load in it after the move, the washer will begin filling with water, but will drain as it is filling so that there is never more than a few inches of water in it. No water ever gets outside of the washer. It continues to do this until we manually turn it off via the cycle selecting knob. The agitator can be spun manually (the top part spins easily in a clock-wise direction, and when spinning it counter-clockwise both the top and the bottom spin together). When I manually start the cycle on the rinse part, the whole basin spins in conjunction with the agitator.

I would rather not have to pay a repair man to fix this if it is simple to fix.

So far, I have tried:

-checking the connections to ensure that everything is connected properly, it is

-unplugging it and leaving it unplugged for a minute before plugging it back it, no change

-feeling around the top of the basin to unsure that nothing is stuck, all clear.

-attempting to run it with the lid open as well as closed, no difference

-Calling the whirlpool service line, but they weren't able to help me except to offer to send a tech to diagnose it for $99.

-moving it around a little to ensure that there was nothing under it that didn't belong

I'm looking for a good place to start. I don't want to blindly begin replacing parts as appliance repair is not my area of expertise.

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I don't have the answer, but they same thing happened to us. We moved into another house a couple of

blocks away, and it will not fill up with water. Like yours it is not leaking out anywhere, we have unplugged it, ran it with lid up and down.......checked that everything is spinning correctly etc. Is their another sight that someone may have posted a fixit on this machine you think?


Did you figure out the problem? This exact thing is happening to my same washer


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Probably a clogged pressure switch. Clean or replace

The pressure switch shuts off power to the water inlet valve when the proper water level is reached. If the pressure switch fails, the water inlet valve will continue to fill the washer tub with water, causing the washer to overflow. Before replacing the pressure switch, check the air tube to the pressure switch to ensure that it is clear of debris and is not leaking.

Also check to see that is is giving different water levels for different load sizes.

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