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The third generation of the DJI Phantom series released in April 2015.

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My Camera broke off

I flew my Dji Phantom 3 into a Bridge and it hit so hard that the camera broke off can i fix it?

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@sznti, can you take a photo or two?

Do it like this


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@sznti ,Santiago, Hopefully the video links can give you some ideas on fixing the DJI Phantom 3 camera that has broke off as they deal with this issue and show repairs. Good luck. I hope this helped you out, if so let me know by pressing the helpful button.

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If it just broke, some super glue should fix it right up. Just put super glue on the broken spot, connect the 2 parts together as before and if you can, try to add some pressure with a book or a clamp or something to maintain pressure, wait a day or so and it should be good.

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Cameron, Superglue?

It's a minimum $800 dollar drone, you don't just superglue it!


@pccheese Well what else are you supposed to do? Buy a new one?


We'll see what we can do once the pictures come in.


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