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How to perform deleted files recovery from corrupted external Mac HD?

I have Western Digital Passport 2 TB external Hard drive which I regular use for storing large size files.

But, last week it got corrupted. When I connects to my 2012 Model Mac Mini, my external hard disk rotates but my Mac computer does not recognize it.

I have checked External hard disk with other working cable as well but still it is not working. I can copy some data in form of dd format with data rescue but not able to recover data with this DD format file.

I have used different software’s to recover dd file but all are giving error. Please tell me how I can recover my deleted data from external drive?

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Could you provide some details; for instance

i) Is your hard drive appearing in Disk Utility?

ii) Have you checked the SMART using WD or Disk Utility?

iii) You didn’t mention any instances of physical damages i.e. clicking, buzzing sound hence I consider your hard drive logically damaged


i) If your external drive is backed up then erase the utility either through Disk utility or with Terminal

ii) You can also create image of your external hard drive and reformat the hard drive

iii) If all fails, then the last bet is data recovery. Try Macintosh data recovery to recover data from failed external hard drive

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Sadly I don't think you have any choices here.

You'll need to ship the unit to a data recovery service to see if they can recover your stuff.

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