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La Canon EOS 7D fue la primera cámara profesional de gama alta de Canon con un sensor de recorte APS-C.

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Can't take outdoor shots

Hi, I have borrowed my mates Canon EOS 7D fitted with a Canon EFS 17 - 85mm lens. I have it switched to auto focus but everyan time I try to take a shot outside the error code 01 comes up telling me there is a communication fault between the lens and camera! The weird thing is that I can take shots OK indoors but as soon as I try to take an external photo I get the error code come up! Any help would be appreciated as I have borrowed the camera for a holiday in the Scottish Highlands and not being able to take outdoor shots is not helpful to say the least!

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Very strange, sounds like the lighting is the problem then? The natural lighting entering the lens causes the error?

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Check the ISO setting. It is possible that, if the ISO is too high and also the outdoor light is too bright, the combination may be causing the camera to sense overexposure settings. Play with the exposure (f/ and speed) and ISO setting and see what happens. If you try taking photos outdoors during the night, do you get the same error message?

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