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Released on September 19, 2014, this 5.5" screen iPhone is the larger version of the iPhone 6.

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iPhone 6 plus keeps restaring every single minute

My Iphone 6 plus keeps restaring every single minute. I can't do anything on it.

Solutions I tried,

1. Tried with 2 new batteries,

2. Updated IOS under dfu mode with iTunes,

3. Tried uninstalling all downloaded apps, thinking it may running out of memory as it is 16 GB.

None of this methods worked.

This phone never got repaired before.

I am also a Cellphone Technician repaired more than 1000 devices but this is something different.

Hoping to get some expert advice from you guys.


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What were you doing just before it started bootlooping? I had a customer suffer something similar and they had a filled-to-the-rim memory and tried updating. It went into bootlooping and nothing would make it work.

Here are some things to try:

  • Try a hard reset (Home & Power button for 10 secs)
  • Use a genuine Apple Lightning connector
  • Use a genuine Apple charging brick and let it charge overnight
  • Try to connect it to different computers (mac/pc if possible) with an updated iTunes
  • Put the phone in recovery mode (search DFU Mode). Careful, this can reset your data
  • Use 3uTools for putting it in and out of Recovery Mode
  • Use 3uTools to flash the firmware (you can't downgrade)
  • Disconnect the Front Camera Ribbon from the logic board and reboot your phone
  • Disconnect the screen assembly completely and see if iTunes will recognize the phone.

Otherwise, you may have a logic board issue. If you are uncomfortable doing these steps, consider finding a repair shop to do the troubleshooting. A shop that also does micro-soldering can go deeper if the problem is not modular in nature.

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