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El Apple Watch Series 1 es una versión renovada del Apple Watch original anunciado el 7 de septiembre de 2016. La mayoría de las partes son las mismas que en el Series !.

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My opinion on the Apple Watch screen replacements. Is it fixable?

So I've went through alot of hassle lately, trying to get my Apple Watch series 1 a new display on. I went through many websites and stores, asking for whether they are selling Apple Watch replacement displays. I also tried to gather information about whether it is really possible to replace the Apple Watches display, and let me tell you all right here:

It is not possible.

Replacing your broken Apple Watches screen is seriously only something Apple is able to do, and let me tell you why: because every Apple Watch display has its own chip that prevents it from working with other devices. I have now gone through a total of three replacement screens, and two watches. None of them worked in the end, even though iFixit states that the displays used in the original Apple Watch and the series 1 are the same.

I could not find any answers to this problem, and honestly I might just give up already.

Today I took apart a used, but fine working Watch series 0, took the display, and put it into my broken series 1 watch. Look! It turns on! Once I want to interact with the watch it just feels like it turns itself off and thats it. Only charging the device could turn on the screen, the device would not react to buttonpresses or touch input in any other way.

However: The series 0 Watch works with the almost completely broken screen from my series 1 watch. How? I dont know, but this is just something that I wanted to share with everyone that is trying to do the same thing as me. Save your money, and get your device fixed by Apple. Self replacing screens may be possible on the iPhones, but certainly not on the watches (especially the series 1 and 2).

Anyways, I hope this may help anyone.

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I think the real issue is the Apple Watch need skills to repair that most of us just don't have.

Think of it this way... You or I can't fix mechanical watches as it takes years of training and fine dexterity to handle the delicate parts. Just because there is no moving parts with an all electric watch doesn't forgo the need of having the fine dexterity!

When the iPad's first came out I thought it would be easy to repair them. Gee, how hard could it be!

Well, after attempting to fix a few I knew I didn't have the skills, I was not the only one. Just look though all of the IFIXIT questions on how many people encounter problems with the display/touchpad assembly.

So knowing our own limitations is important. Yes, stretching your skills a bit is good! Just keep it in your mind (and wallet) when you've over reached and correct your mistakes!

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Thanks for your reply.

I have just found out that all Apple Watches from series 1 to 2 actually do have a way of recognizing a foreign display that did not come with the device initially. So in fact, and I hate to admit, all Apple Watches going up from series 1 are only fixable by Apple or apple certified repair shops (that have a way of pairing the new display with the watch).

So yeah, its always useful to expand ones knowledge about these topics, but I marked your answer as the solution simply because I opened this thread just to bring the thruth out to the world, I was not really looking for answers anyways.

Perhaps someone will find help through this thread or realize that self-repairing a series 1 or 2 watch is impossible.

I dont know why many shops still sell Apple Watch displays that are supposedly for the series 1 or 2, when we all know that they cannot be used with either one.

But anyways, thanks for the answer!

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hey daniel. im from a third party repair center that fixes apple watches.

this guide is essentially how we were trained to do it, and with certified components, it hasnt failed us yet.

Apple Watch Reemplazo de Pantalla

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Hey Scott, I dont have the need to get a Series 1 Watch repaired anymore, I have sold mine and bought a new one a while back. Anyways, I believe I just had bad luck when it came to receiving a functioning component, as it looks like others successfully swap out the display assemblies as well. Thanks for letting me know that it is possible though!

- de

Yeah, well this is iFixit, not Mac Rumors and if someone else can do it, so can we.

- de

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It is not impossible dear:) I actually do this a lot. Just go on eBay and buy a iCloud locked locked for $60 or less and take the whole screen and LCD. I bought a lot set of 5 iCloud locked watches and 3 out the 5 worked. The other 2 didn’t have touch for some reason. But it’s not totally impossible hun but don’t buy just the display replacements cuz those are not programmed yet to the watch:) hope this helps you.

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