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The Kindle Fire, Fire, or Amazon Fire is an Android-based media tablet by Amazon with a multi-touch color display. Repair requires only screwdrivers and prying tools.

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Why does not work the touchscreen?

Hello,I opened the tablet and fix the base ,then I closed the tablet,but when the tablet turned on,the touchscreen didnt work,and also the tablet turned on by itself,please could you help me?

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@alfons1 , alfons, You may have knocked a connection loose. Take the back off again and recheck all the connections and for loose/damage components/wires and reseat connections. The link below is a disassembly guide that may help. Good luck. I hope this helped you out, if so let me know by pressing the helpful button.

Kindle Fire Front Glass Panel Replacement

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I understand and thanks gor your help,but how I sad everything is fine about components,I just replace the base,when I closed the tablet I saw that the touch screen doesnt work..maybe the high temperature has indicated to the power board ,does this has sense?

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alfons, Yes, if the device was submitted to very high temperatures it could damage board and other components. Was the back panel melted?

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Really not,I didnt see anything damage,Its really strange!

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alfons, If you have checked everything inside the Tablet and all looks good, If you have not tried already try hard/factory resetting the tablet(link below instruction).

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Look I know how to factory reset my tablet,but the touch is blocked and I cannt process the factory reset

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Swipe down from the top with two fingers or try tapping twice quickly center screen. Do anything you can to get to accessibility options. Make sure accessibility switches all are off. This happened to me too, its a setting i somehow hit . Cant remember which, so turn it off. Also if you lose touch function and there is a thin green or yellow colored "frame" surrounding the window you see, it is definitely this problem!

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