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A Samsung R series laptop released in January 2011, identified by the model number NP-RC512-S02US is a 15.3 inch screen laptop with NVIDIA Graphic chip set for high spec demand users.

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Suddenly several windows open

Suddenly, out of nowhere, dozens of windows open on their own. I close these windows and they keep popping up.

Sometimes when the computer restarts, at the home screen, before entering the password, the screen blinks and hears a noise as if someone was typing the enter key.

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Please use this guide to eradicate viruses:

How to remove malware from an infected windows PC

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At first, I thought the problem could be virus or a malware. But the laptop was protected by a updated version o KIS. Nevertheless, I formated the laptop and installed a new OS and the same problem persists.

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Did my solution solve it? Sometimes malware can be super sneaky. I may have created an invisible partition that you couldn't format.

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No. As far as I know l have formated all partitions.

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Hi @c.gomes,

Have you tried starting in safe mode?

Where is the cursor positioned when this happens? I'm wondering if you have a keyboard (enter key?) or touchpad problem. Has anything been spilled on the keyboard?

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There has got to be malware... Format the drive in disk manager so that every single megabyte is accounted for. Delete all partitions, then format it.

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Replying George A., I deleted all the hard disk partitions and installed a fresh Windows 7 Ultimate using an USB. So that, I guess that if was a virus or a malware it was completely removed.

Regarding jayeff comments, yes I guess that there is something that is not running well with the enter key and with the notebook touchpad. The problem is that some days ago I was using a wireless mouse, so I was not using the keyboard or the touchpad and several windows popped up endlessly. So I have no clue what is the problem. Sometimes, when I have a MS Office opened the cursor moves down real fast as I was pressing the enter key unabated.

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