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Apple Pay NFC Contactless Not Working


Following on from this thread:

Rear camera glass replacement

Where my rear camera glass was smashed.

So I replaced the camera glass. Had to open the phone up and then it's a simple job.

Got everything back fine. Phone works as it did before...EXCEPT...

The contactless function of Apple Pay appears to now longer work. It worked perfectly before...

What did I do???

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in the upper right hand corner is the NFC connector. its a small microchip located on the screw on the upper camera this controls the ic on the logic board this transmits the signal when you do apple pay i would double check to make sure its there if not you may need to order a new one it looks like this

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You hero. Thanks! I check this tomorrow.


Perfect! Exactly as described.


Glad to Hear Feel free to contact me anytime :)


Where on earth can I find this part? Been looking everywhere! Cheers!


Hi @cprroseville , could you help where to order this part? I can't find it anywhere. Thanks!


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