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Stripped screws to A/C breaker

I am trying to replace a breaker for my A/C and I can't get the screws that hold the wires in the old breaker. I think both of them are stripped. I bought a cordless drill this morning on the way to work and it is charging now but if it doesn't work to remove the screws I am wondering if I actually have to have these screws out to get the breaker out. It seems like the screws are holding the breaker in as well as holding the wires in the breaker. I am asking because if they are not holding the breaker in the panel then would it be possible to take the breaker out and cut the wires off close to the breaker and peel down the insulation and put them in the new breaker? This is Houston, mid-March, it's getting hot! HELP!

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birdnflight , Make sure power at the box is shut off before attempting to work on breakers. Normally the screws holding the wires onto/into breaker do not hold breaker to the box/panel, so yes with main power off, cut the wires which you can strip back and install in new breaker. Good luck. I hope this helped you out, if so let me know by pressing the helpful button.

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